What is the Probability of Profit of your Next Trade? (Introducing PredictNow.Ai)

By Ernest Chan

Figure 1: Spreadsheet with historical returns of short vol trades.
Figure 2: Spreadsheet with labels: are historical returns of short vol strategy profitable?
Figure 3: Spreadsheet with features augmented.
Figure 4: Example classification tree generated by predictnow.ai internally.
Figure 5: Choosing training mode at predictnow.ai
Figure 6: Uploading training data.
Figure 7: Choosing hyperparameters for building random forest.
Figure 8: Live trading input.
Figure 9: Live prediction.
Figure 10: Live prediction, with probability.
Figure 11: Features with decreasing importance
Figure 12: Tail Reaper equity curve.

No Code Financial Machine Learning SaaS that helps traders compute the probability of profit for their next trade or the daily risk for their strategy.